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There will be a walk-throughs for the Nelson Town Hall and Library Basement projects on Saturday, February 15th and February 22nd at 10 AM in the Nelson Town Hall. Come hear about the latest plans and get ready to vote on the projects at Town Meeting.

Caucus is Wednesday, February 12th and Town Meeting is Tuesday, March 11th.


Narrative for Warrant Articles for Town Building Projects

There are five Articles on the Nelson Town Warrant for Town Meeting 2014 that relate to proposed building projects for the Nelson Town Hall and the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library. The first two, Articles 3 and 4 propose work for the basic renovation of the Town and the basic completion of the lower level of the Library respectively. Articles 5, 6, and 7 offer options for upgrading the heating/cooling systems for these projects. Article 5 proposes jointly the functionality described separately in Articles 6 and 7. If Article 5 is adopted then Articles 6 and 7 will be passed over.



Scope of Work for Basic Town Hall Renovation Project (Article 3.)


  1. Separate the structure from the Connector Building.
  2. Elevate the structure above its foundation.
  3. Remove the rubble foundation.
  4. Pour new concrete foundation.
  5. Reinstall granite capstones.
  6. Install drainage systems both inside and outside of new concrete walls.
  7. Pour concrete footings for posts and pour new concrete floor.
  8. Remove exterior siding from East wall.
  9. Straighten walls and level floor to best achievable plumb and level.
  10. Re-sheath East wall with OSB and reinstall siding.
  11. Reinforce roof bearing posts with steel channel iron.
  12. Reinforce floor with additional wood timbers and floor joists.
  13. Reinforce roof trusses with additional framing members.
  14. Renovate window sash and front door using funds from a Moose Plate Grant.

Scope of Work for Basic Completion of Library Lower Level (Article 4.)

  1. Install partitions to create a Meeting Room, an Archives Room, and a Storage Room.
  2. Complete the installation of the handicapped accessible bathroom previously planned for this floor of the Library.
  3. Install an air-to-air heat pump sufficient to heat and cool all of the new rooms.
  4. Install a dehumidifier sufficient to maintain proper humidity levels in the Archives Room.
  5. Provide for handicapped access to these spaces.

Scope of Work for Town Hall/Library Heat Pump (Article 5.)

  1. Remove furnace from Storage Room in Town Hall.
  2. Do not install small heat pump system for lower level of the Library.
  3. Install an air-to-air heat pump having sufficient capacity to heat and to cool the Town Hall, the lower level of the Library and the Library Proper.

Scope of Work for Town Hall Heating/Ventilation Upgrade (Article 6.)

  1. Remove furnace from Storage Room in Town Hall.
  2. Relocate furnace from Storage Room to Library Furnace Room.
  3. Install duct work for heating or introduction of ambient air for ventilation.
  4. Install fan and floor registers to bring heated or cooled air into the Town Hall.

Scope of Work for Library Heating/Cooling System Upgrade (Article 7.)

  1. Do not install small heat pump for the lower level of the Library.
  2. Install larger heat pump system having capacity adequate for heating and cooling both the lower level of the Library and the Library Proper.


The town of Nelson is engaged in planning renovations to various town buildings in the Village. These renovations are driven by safety concerns, overdue maintenance and repairs, and improved usability for various town functions and for the townspeople.

This page will be updated periodically with reports on various projects, as well as links to documents such as architectural drawings.

The projects currently in design stages are:

  • the town hall (shoring up the foundation, drainage)
  • library basement (to finish and make useable and publicly accessible)

This project is being managed by the town buildings committee:  David Upton (Chair), Russ Thomas (Vice-Chair), Lisa Sieverts (Secretary), Rob Germeroth, Susan Hansel, Bob Lenox, Sandy Mackenzie and Bert Wingerson. Eric Sandberg serves ex officio as liaison to the Planning Commission. Meeting minutes are available at

On September 23, 2013, the Town received the Structural Engineer’s Report for the Nelson Town Hall.
[click here for pictures related to this report]

The Town Of Nelson solicited Statements of Qualifications and Bids from architectural firms to provide professional architectural services to the Town and to serve in the role of Architect of Record for the Nelson Town Hall Renovation and Library Basement Improvements projects.

Paul Hemmerich of PHDesign was selected as the Town’s Architect for 2013-14.

Click on the links below to download specific documents.

  1. Request for Proposals
  2. Supporting Documentation

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