Selectmen’s Report February 9, 2013

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I’m writing today to share with you the Warrant that we will be presenting at Town Caucus this coming Wednesday evening, February 13, beginning at 7 pm in the Town Hall. Our final draft of this document is provided (click to download pdf) . I’m also providing the answers to many of the questions that were asked at our Select Board meeting on Jan. 23 (click to download pdf). As a result of some of the questions that we heard on Jan. 23, we have made changes in the draft Warrant that we presented at that time. These changes relate specifically to the Town Building Projects and the changes that we are recommending for the Elderly Property Tax Exemption.

In consideration of the accumulating uncertainty in both the costs of and the funding options for our building projects, as well as the tragic death of our architect, Rick Monahon, we believe that it is best that we proceed this year by hiring an architect, developing detail drawings and bid packages, and acquiring bids from contractors that we can bring to the Town for action in 2014. In this way we can all be more confident in our knowledge of the work that is to be done and the impact of the costs of that work on our Town Budget.

The second change that we have made is an adjustment to our proposed improvements in the benefits provided by the Elderly Property Tax Exemption in Nelson. State law allows the Town to establish the amounts of reduction in the assessed value of property owned by residents who are at least 65 years of age. To qualify, taxpayers must have incomes and assets within limits that can also be established by the Town. This year we are recommending changes in the amounts of reduction in assessed value and the income and asset limits that have been in place in the towns surrounding Nelson during 2012. As a result of our discussions on Jan. 23, we have reduced the asset limit that we had originally proposed at $100,000 to $60,000 for single folks and $75,000 for married couples. Those wondering if they qualify for the Elderly Tax Exemption can either contact me via phone or email or Edie in the Town Office.

That’s all for now. I hope to see you at Town Caucus next Wednesday evening.


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