What People Are Saying about The Greengate Saga

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by Karen Tolman

If you don’t already have a copy of The Greengate Saga, get yours from me at tolmanpond@pobox.com or 603-827-3226, or borrow it from our library, and read my newly printed manuscript about our family efforts that made a little bit of recent Nelson history. The manuscript is over a hundred spiral-bound pages of narrative, newspaper attachments, photographs and more, that tells the thirty-year old story of how, with the help of family, friends, neighbors, large doses of legal help and lots of luck, we were able to reverse the ominous sale of nearly five hundred acres of prime Nelson real estate (including over a mile of shore frontage on Spoonwood Pond) and direct it toward its present conserved status.

Meanwhile, here’s what people are saying:

Oh, my god, what a story!” JE

You have captured the story perfectly—the humor, tragedy, suspense––everything.” JC

You did a great job on The Greengate Saga––there were lots of twists and turns in the story that I certainly didn’t know about and to your credit you made sense from what was looking to be a catastrophic loss for the family and the town.” SG

There seems to be a villain, a victim, a hero and a spy!” RC

All I can say is: well written, great anecdotes, a rollicking good time––though I bet it was a lot more fun to read than to live. I think you should fictionalize it, change the town to Darby and you’ll have a story worthy of Ernie.” TL

I loved LOVED The Greengate Saga. It was informative, entertaining, funny, sad and, above all, human. It’s an excellent framework for a movie by an independent filmmaker.” EH

You definitely have the gift of the Tolman yarn, with a wry twist. A great read––that fleshed out so many gaps in the story. One of my biggest pleasures was the unexpected addition to the tales of the drawings––fabulous all, especially of the Rolls Royce.” DS

Well, first tears welled up at the memories, then laughter, then grateful that I knew all of you so dutifully involved.” HW

Congratulations, Karen. It was an honor for me to play a small part in the story, and quite the exciting experience for a young lawyer still wet behind the ears. Your writing brings it all back as though it happened just yesterday. You have done us all proud.” JC

Spectacular imagery in your storytelling. I loved The Greengate Saga, learned a lot and have a new appreciation for the protection of this most special place on earth.” DB

I really enjoyed reading through this. You write well, and you have some great material. I hadn’t heard ‘Going Out’ or all the details about the fun and games at the nursing home. Very funny!” MC

An enjoyable tale of a close family from our own Nelson.” DB

What a great tale from the archives of the Tolman family. It’s well written, organized and illustrated. Interesting to the end. Thank God, we all don’t have such interesting relatives because few of us have such wonderful writers to tell their tales.” CM

You stepped in and salvaged life and land.” JM

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