One Selectmen’s Report March 16, 2013

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The topic of my report today is Town Services and Projects for 2013.

Thanks to the actions taken at Town Meeting, we are well positioned to provide the services that we need in 2013. Our Administrative Office will be properly staffed so that we can effectively and efficiently continue to serve the people and to manage the work of our Town government. Our Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office will have the resources, time and materials, that it needs in order to accomplish all of its objectives and responsibilities, as will our Library, our Highway Department, our Fire Department and our Police Department.

The position of Administrative Assistant will continue as one that is full-time. By doing so, we can fairly compensate our present Administrative Assistant for her efforts and contributions to the success of our Town Office, while at the same time we will be able to establish a job description with pay and benefits that will allow the Town to continue to employ a capable and knowledgeable individual in this position. Having a full-time Administrative Assistant who is responsible for the operations of our Town Office not only makes good sense from a management standpoint but also provides the administrative continuity that Select Boards need as their memberships change.

Our Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office will have the hours that are needed to process the work in the Office and to provide training for our newly elected Town Clerk/Tax Collector.

Our Library will be able to continue its work providing the programs for young people and adults that we all appreciate and enjoy.

Our Highway Department will have the fuel and materials that it needs to continue to keep our roads in the best possible condition. Also, we now have funds that can be used for some modest repairs and improvements for the Granite Lake Boat Launch Ramp.

Our Fire and Rescue Department will have a new-to-us fire truck, and hopefully a new rescue truck, for the use of the good folks who volunteer their time to serve us all. Also we will be providing, for the first time, a small stipend to compensate our volunteers for their expenses incurred when answering calls.

Our Police Department will be able to maintain the level of services from previous years and will be able to add up to six hours per week of additional patrol time if our Traffic Studies and our residents express a need for the additional effort.

Your Select Board will be continuing its work, funded at Town Meeting, in 2013. We will be interviewing companies and hiring one of them to provide property tax assessing services for us for the next four years. We will be looking for a company that will consistently apply accepted assessing practices equitably for all properties in Town. Assessing work must comply with accepted State standards and must be conducted in ways that are understandable to the Select Board and to the general public. Our Town Office staff and volunteers will be working to organize and to update all of our property tax files, including those for properties in Current Use and those under Conservation Easement.

We will be working closely with our Town Buildings Committee to hire an architectural firm that will develop drawings, specifications and bid packages for the restoration and renovation of our Town Hall and for the remodeling of our library basement. When completed, we will submit the bid packages with our request for bids to various building contractors. We will also be working with the Town Buildings Committee to develop the appropriate mix of funding sources; expenditure of capital reserve funds, annual taxation, grants and donations, and/or borrowing for these projects. We will be able to bring actual project costs and a recommended means of funding to you for your consideration and action at our 2014 Town Meeting.

Until then, enjoy the Spring in our great Town.


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