Nelson Cemetery Rules and Regulations

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Nelson Cemetery Rules and RegulationsA Message from the Nelson Town Cemetery Board

Dear Burial Lot Deedholders,

This letter is to remind you that our cemetery Rules and Regulations limit what may be placed on and planted at graves.These rules apply to both the Nelson and Munsonville cemeteries. All holders of cemetery deeds agree to these requirements when they acquire burial lots. These regulations are posted below, and also Nelson Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

Please note the “Monuments and Grave Markers” and “Plantings and Decorations” sections. Wooden, glass, concrete, metal, plaster of Paris and plastic articles, as well as glass containers and artificial flowers and plants, are not allowed on graves.  To simplify maintenance, there are also limitations on where shrubs, flowers, vases, urns and potted plants may be placed.

The Cemetery Board “may remove anything placed on any lot in violation of these rules and regulations.”  Also, “any object . . . which the Cemetery Board considers offensive, improper or detrimental to the general appearance of the cemetery shall be removed after notification to the lot owner or the heirs.”

For reasons of safety and efficient maintenance, as well as the need to accommodate the sensitivities of a wide variety of lot owners and cemetery visitors, please remove all unapproved items from graves deeded to you.  At the end of October, remaining items will be removed and put into storage, and you may arrange to pick them up.

We take seriously our responsibility to everyone who has loved ones buried in our cemeteries, and like you, we all know from our own experience how significant personal mementoes can be. However, we must also consider the community as a whole. To quote the Rules and Regulations, we are committed to making the cemeteries places of “dignity and serenity . . .  for everyone who visits them.”

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have questions, please contact any Board member.




The Nelson Cemetery Board

(Martin French, Patricia Jones, Judi Lang, Thomas Newcombe, Edith Notman)

[click here to see a downloadable PDF of the Rules and Regulations]

Rules and Regulations of the Nelson Cemetery

Nelson, New Hampshire

These Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Nelson Cemetery Board after careful consideration to insure dignity and serenity within the cemetery and to preserve and enhance the grounds for the benefit of the burial lot owners, the visitors, and the community.

The following regulations are to protect your needs as a burial lot owner and to maintain the appearance of the cemetery. Your cooperation will make this possible.


Lot:  The term lot shall apply to one or more numbered divisions of a size that each will accommodate one interment being 5 x 10 feet.

Owner:  The term owner means any person or persons possessing the right of interment in any burial lot.

Interment:  The term interment shall mean the permanent disposition by burial of the remains or cremains (ashes) of a deceased person.

Memorial:  The term memorial shall include a monument, tombstone, gravestone, headstone, boulder, or marker.

Marker:  The term marker shall mean a memorial that is flush with the ground.

Monument:  The term monument shall mean a substantial memorial intended to commemorate all persons buried within the lot.

Cornerstone:  The term cornerstone refers to square granite posts that mark the corners of a lot.

Cemetery Board:  The term Cemetery Board refers to a board of five trusteed elected by ballot in accordance with NH RSA 289 who shall have the final authority in all matters concerning these rules and regulations and the management and maintenance of the Nelson Cemetery. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to change or amend these Rules and Regulations as required to serve the best interests of the lot owners and the cemetery; such changes as may be made shall apply to all lot owners of record.

Purchase or Transfer of Burial Lots

The sale of burial lots in the Nelson Cemetery shall be under the direction of the Cemetery Sexton subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Cemetery Board now in force or which may hereafter be adopted.

Anyone desiring the purchase a burial lot shall apply to the Cemetery Sexton and select a lot from those available for sale. Upon payment in full (the cost of the lot plus a one time fee for cemetery care) to the Cemetery Sexton, a deed will be issued to the purchaser along with a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Nelson Cemetery. This deed grants to the purchaser the right of burial for himself, his family and heirs, and for no other purpose. A copy of the deed will be kept on file with the Town Clerk.

The money paid for cemetery care shall be held in trust and the income received shall be used for the maintenance of the cemetery including cutting the grass, raking leaves, and shrub and tree care under the direction of the Cemetery Sexton.

Upon purchase, granite cornerstones not to exceed six (6) inches square must be set at grade within the dimension of the lot under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton.

In the event the owner of a burial lot desires to sell his interest in that lot, title must be transferred to the Nelson Cemetery Board. The original purchase price will be refunded but the amount paid for cemetery care can not be refunded.


All opening of graves and all interments shall be under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton. The Cemetery Sexton or his assistant shall have charge of opening, closing and sodding all graves.

Adequate notice of any interment shall be given to the Cemetery Sexton and shall be accompanied by the burial permit issued as required by New Hampshire law.

No cremains shall be independently and privately buried in a burial lot. All burials must be under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton.

No cremains shall be independently and privately buried in a burial lot. All burials must be under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton.

Every earth interment will be made in an outside reinforced concrete container. Cremains will be permitted in a fiberglass vault as an alternative to a concrete container.

No interment shall be in a grave that is less than two (2) feet in depth from the surface of the ground to the top of the outside container.

Persons desiring to allow the interment of bodies other than the members of their own family in an unused family lot shall present written permission signed by the lot owner of their legal representative.

Cremation remains are permitted in a standard 5 x 10 foot lot but may not exceed four (4) per lot. Cremation lots 5 x 5 may contain no more than two (2) interments.

Monuments and Grave Markers

All monuments, headstones, and markers must be of durable natural stone and have the approval of the Cemetery Board before being installed.

Only one monument shall be allowed on a lot.

Every headstone shall have a base that is at least the length and width of the base of the memorial and four (4) feet in depth.

No wooden, glass, concrete, metal, plaster of paris , or plastic statues or articles shall be allowed on lots.

The Cemetery Board or the Cemetery Sexton may remove anything placed on any lot in violation of these rules and regulations.

Any object placed on a grave which the Cemetery Board considers offensive, improper or detrimental to the general appearance of the cemetery shall be removed after notification to the lot owner or the heirs.

No enclosure of a cemetery lot by a fence, hedge or any other type of material shall be allowed.

Planting and Decorations

No shrubs may be planted without the approval of the Cemetery Board to assure that appropriate plantings are made.

Small shrubs will be trimmed to a height of no more than six (6) inches above the height of the headstone.

Flowers may be planted only within the area twelve (12) inches from the front of the headstone and may not extend more than six (6) inches on either side.

Vases, urns and or potted plants may be placed against the headstone or marker for Memorial Day or later and may remain until September 30th of the year. Floral designs, cut flowers and potted plants must be removed when faded.

No glass containers of any kind shall be allowed due to safety considerations.

No artificial flowers or plants are permitted in the Nelson Cemetery.

Correction of Errors

The Cemetery Board reserves, and shall have, the right to correct any errors that may be made either in making interments, disinterments or in the description, transfer or conveyance of any burial lot.


Adopted October 5, 1999




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