Check Book Availability

You can see what’s in stock at the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library by going to:

And entering the user name “nelson”. 

It may be searched by title, author or subject. You can see if an item is in or not by looking to the far right.  A 1/1, means it is in, a 1/0 means it is out.  You may also request a book be held.  Each record also has a description of the item with links to reviews.


 If the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library does not have a book in stock, we can acquire any book that is within the state library system via inter-library loan. To see what is available throughout the state visit:

You may search it by ISBN, title, author or subject.  Items ordered in the early part of the week will usually arrive on Saturday, unless they are from a University.  Items from education centers may take two weeks to arrive.

To place your order with the library, please send an email to the librarian. We will let you know as soon as possible if the book is available here, or if we need to order it. When anticipating our response time, please keep in mind the library hours.

Thank you.


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