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Report from the 2013 Book Sale on Old Home Day

 Library booksale in the Town HallThe 2013 Book Sale was one of the most successful ever. The Friends of the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library earned $1383.25 in book sales, collected $756.00 in dues, received $63.00 in donations from local authors whose books they sold, and sold $24.00 worth of book bags. That comes to a grand total of $2226.25 to be given to the library for books, CDs, DVDs, programming and other incidentals such as additional shelving and book racks. The Friends also fund Library World, the automated system that is used for the circulation of library materials.

The Book Sale was run, as always, by Betsey Church. Her co-chair, Carol Heath, was greatly missed, and we all mourn her death earlier in the summer. Many people stepped up to help, and Russ Thomas and Donna Kidd began sorting in the early summer. They were helped by Sara Sandberg, Jeff Taylor and Susan Hansel, and of course, Betsey Church. Martha Collins (our new secretary), Anita Flanagan, Sandy Ferguson, Pamela White, Laurie Smith, Elaine Giacomo, Julia Lennon, Nancy Quigley, Eric Sandberg, Harry Flanagan, Steve McGovern, Susan Peery, Val Van Meier, Maury Collins, Marty French, Max Nunnemaker, Lisa Sieverts, Jocey Frederick, Wally Francis, Lynn Francis, Logan Shipee, Sam Shipee, Doug Shipee, Eva Roeder, Autumn Jones, and Kris Finnegan all helped us either by moving books, stacking chairs, setting up tables, or manning the desk.

Lastly, we could not have a sale without donated books. We are especially grateful to the Lothrop, Hewitt, Lord, Guida and Shonk families who gave us many boxes and bags of extraordinary books. It is hard to part with our beloved books but many of you stepped up to add to our amazing sale.

Thank you so much to our loyal patrons as well. We are already planning for next year.

Happy reading!

The Friends of the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library



Annual Library Book Sale
Old Home Day
Town Hall

The annual book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Olivia Rodham Library was another success thanks to the tireless efforts of many volunteers who worked all summer to make it happen. The sale generated $1336.00 to be used to purchase books, DVDs, and periodicals for the Library. The money also provides matching grants for computers, gift certificates for the Summer Reading Program and other needs of the Library, such as a new answering machine.

Membership dues and generous donations, in addition to purchased items at the sale, contributed to this total. The volunteers helped to sort books, videos and DVDs that are stored in the library basement after they are donated or discarded. The donated items then have to be moved up to the Town Hall just prior to the sale, arranged on tables and labeled for easy browsing. A whole crew has to man the table at the sale to collect dues and to sell book bags and all that great reading and viewing material. Then everything must be boxed up and made ready for “Got Books” to pick up what is unsold.

The volunteers who helped this year with some or all of these activities are: Anita Flanagan, Harry Flanagan, Sara Sandberg, Eric Sandberg, Russ Thomas, Rich Popovic, Donna Kidd, Dennis Dellagreca, Sandy Ferguson, Pamela White, Dave Bower, Nathan Sturk, Jeff Taylor, Judith Taylor-Maule, Martha Collins, Maureen Lord, Julio Razquin, Ian Frederick, Fallon Smith, Peter Smith, Joy Birdsey-Smith, Kira Kasper, Katie Kasper, Elaine Giacomo, Jan Perry, Bob Jones, Tricia Jones, Rick Church, Susan Hansel. Special thanks to Carol Heath and Betsey Church who organize and oversee this project from beginning to end. We also wish to thank all those who donate items to the sale, and of course those who participate in the sale guaranteeing that our Library will always have good books and DVDS and other things as needed.

The Committee for the Friends of the Library Book Sale

August 18, 2012


News from the Friends of the Olivia Rodham Library

The Annual Meeting of the Olivia Rodham Library was held on July 29, 2009 at the library.  The following officers were elected: President, Susan Hansel; Treasurer, Betsey Church; Secretary, Carol Heath; Members-at-large, Martha Collins, Elaine Giacomo; Sandy Ferguson.

The Annual Book Sale was a success again this year. We had many volunteers to sort books in the weeks before the sale and to move them from the basement of the library to the Town Hall the Wednesday before Old Home Day. The Sale Preview for Nelson residents was held Friday night the 14th and it was well attended. The sale generated $979.75 from materials sold, $845.25 from membership dues and $13.00 from book bag sales for a total of $1838.00.

The volunteers who gave so generously of their time are:  Dave Birchenough, Joy Birdsey, Linda Cates, Rick Church, Martha Collins, Maury Collins, Sandy Ferguson, Kris Finnegan, Jocey Frederick, Ian Frederick Elaine Giacomo, Lumina Greenway, Joan Griffith, Warren Hammack, Dustin Howe, Bruce McSheehy, Margaret Schillemat, Laurie Smith, Peter Smith, Richard Thackston, Russ Thomas and Pamela White.  We are grateful for their help.

The Friends donated $1000. to the library to purchase books, $470. to plant a maple tree in front of the library, $75. for gift certificates to the Toadstool for the children who complete the summer reading program  and $650. for the matching grant for the computer from the Gates Foundation.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer at the library should contact Kris Finnegan, the librarian. Volunteer help is a vital part of keeping our terrific library up and running. Just a few hours a weeks makes a big difference.

Many of you indicated an interest in volunteering and we are putting together an email list so we can notify you when we begin our activities in preparation for the sale next Old Home Day. We need people to sort books over several weeks (come when you can), bring books up to the town hall before Old Home Day, set up for the book sale, man the book sale and clean up after the sale. All are welcome! Please call Susan Hansel at 847-9918 or Send an Email
if you are interested in joining us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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