Party Time

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The Supervisors of the Checklist would like to remind everyone that the deadline for

changing your party affiliation for the September Primary is June 3. You can change

your party affiliation either with the Town Clerk during her regular hours or with

the Supervisors of the Checklist during one of our meetings. We will be meeting on

June 3 at 7:00 PM.


If you are registered as “undeclared” you may take either a Republican or a

Democratic ballot on Primary Day and directly after you have voted, you may

come see the Supervisors to change back to undeclared. If you don’t see us, you

will be registered in the party that you chose for your ballot. If you are registered

for a particular party before primary day you may only take that party’s ballot on

Primary Day.


If you have forgotten what party you are registered with there is an up-to-date voter

checklist in the bookcase in the Nelson Town Offices.

If you have any other questions about this, call Betsey Church, Carol Newcombe, or

Hope Lothrop.

Election Results

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David Upton 176
Margaret Schillemat 102

Maury Collins 183
Duane Schillemat 53
John Cucci 36

Jessica Walker 134
Maureen Lord 112

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