One Selectmen’s Report: October 9, 2013

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Underneath the Nelson Town HallHello everyone,


I have a couple of topics for my report today, Town Building Projects and Property Taxes


Our Town Buildings Committee and Grant Writers have been making good progress in developing designs for our Town Hall restoration work and in acquiring grants to help with its funding. As you may recall the Select Board was charged, by the 2013 Town Meeting, to hire an architect to develop construction drawings and specifications for Town Hall renovations and for the remodeling of the Library basement. These drawings and specifications are to be used to acquire bids for the completion of these two projects. Final designs and costs for completion of these projects will be brought to Town Meeting 2014 for the approval of the Town.


We have received a “Moose Plate Grant” in the amount of $10,000 to be used for the restoration of the windows in the Town Hall. This money must be spent before the end of 2014. However this work should be done only after all necessary jacking or squaring of the building has been completed. No matching funds are required for the use of this grant. In addition, we have applied once again for a New Hampshire LCHIP, (Land and Community Heritage Investment Program), grant for the renovations needed for the Town Hall. This year we have applied for $100,000 from LCHIP. The award of the LCHIP grant does require the local contribution of matching funds. Our thanks go to our Grant Writers, Susan Hansel, Lisa Sieverts, and Bert Wingerson for their great work. Continue Reading »

Planet Aid Box in Nelson

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We now have a Planet Aid bin at the Safety Building on Old Stoddard Road.
Planet Aid

Planet Aid is a non-profit organization that collects clothing and shoes and distributes those items to countries all over the world. The proceeds selling these bundles is used to benefit children and adults who are in need in many countries.

The town will earn 2 cents for every pound of clothing collected from our bin. This is a great way of finding a home for all that unwanted, no longer used, but still in reasonable condition clothing you have cluttering up your house. It will benefit a lot of people and save space in the landfill (and benefit the Town of Nelson).

More info: The Planet Aid website.

Nelson Celebrates It’s First Official Walking Trail

Jeanette Baker aka Jaybird

The Trails Committee of Moving in Step and the Conservation Commission celebrated the opening of our first walking trail.

The event featured a talk by Jeanette Baker on her Appalachian Trail Hike last year. The following afternoon was a walk on the Old Road to Dublin, oldest documented road in Nelson.

The Trails Committee has been working to layout and mark trails for the people in Nelson to be able to walk and appreciate the natural and cultural richness of our town. Detailed trail guides and maps will be available for these walks. The Old Road to Dublin is the first trail to be completed by the committee. Continue Reading »

Town Archives to be Preserved

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The Town of Nelson Archives has recently received notice from the State Librarian, Michael York that a FY 2012 Conservation License Plate Grant in the amount of $5,322 has been awarded to the town for its proposed project “Nelson Town Records.” This grant will conserve, microfilm and digitize five books containing town records from 1802 to 1885. These books are in the original bindings, some pages are loose and the paper is discolored and crumbling. The contents include tax records and receipts, agreements and expense records for maintaining the town poor and a list of articles furnished by the committee for the poor farm. There is a list of jurors (1845-1875) and records of School District No. 5 (1820-1856), data that can be found nowhere else. The digitized copies will be on the town website, available to all. Continue Reading »

Shoot: It’s Old Home Day!

Hey Nelson Folks: If you’ve spent time in the Town Hall you might have noticed a nice collection of pictures from Old Home Day of many years ago. This is a treasure, and wouldn’t it be nice to create an updated version (to supplement, not replace)?  So, here’s what we’ll do – on Old Home Day (or other times during Old Home Week), take pictures. Then, pick out up to five that you consider your best photos and send them to  An impromptu committee will meet and pick out the best of the best, and make a new photo display (we’ll also create an online gallery on this web site).  Please keep your images in their original size so that they will retain their integrity when printed. Please either zip them or send them separately – so that no one attachment is over 10MB. You may provide captions if you want, and be sure to include your name for proper credit.

Trails in Nelson

The Nelson Trails Group recently explored the old class six road to the “Hart Lot” with its extensive foundations and mill site.  The site was home to a sawmill operated in the early nineteenth century.  The mill location on a falls in Bailey Brook provides habitat for numerous wild flowers; wild ginger graces the Osborne home site and there are numerous day lilies contributed by later summer residents, perhaps the Harts.  The road was closed by the town in 1922.

The old mill site is on the upper falls of Bailey Brook . The falls had a lot of water going over  it from recent rains and downstream the brook ran through its rocky bed with a musical sound.  The banks were lush with ferns. Bailey Brook briefly forms a wetland before entering a cut with steep banks culminating in the waterfall that can be seen from Old Stoddard Road.

The Nelson Trails Group, established under the auspices of Moving in Step, is working to make the beautiful, educational and historic places in town accessible to the walking public.  The nearly twenty-member committee plans to start by identifying Nelson’s abandoned but accessible old roads.  The first project,the town’s first documented road laid out in 1773 and only closed in 1959, is the original road from the Packersfield meeting house to Dublin some call the Klemperer Road.  It features gentle walking on an old road, four old cellar holes, and a number of vernal pools.  Forest types change as you pass stonewalls and are the result of early land use by the settlers there and the date of their final abandonment.

The group is in the process of documenting the natural and historical things of interest along some of our old roads and is seeking abutting landowner co-operation so that more Nelson walkers can enjoy the natural and historical features of Nelson’s abandoned roads. If you ware interested in participating, please call Rick Church at 603-847-3206.

Town Buildings Update

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Through the work of the Town Buildings Renovation Committee, the Nelson Selectmen were made aware of safety, security, access, and confidentiality issues for two of the town buildings: issues that have potential litigation and liability consequences which would result in considerable expense to the town. The Selectmen, therefore, thought it prudent to get further expert opinion and contacted the Local Government Center. An inspection was conducted and the results are contained in the following letter to the Nelson Board of Selectmen and are hereby posted for your information. (click to see this document)

The Nelson Board of Selectmen

The Nelson Community Forum Follow-up

The work of the September 17 and 18th Nelson Community Forum is over, and now the work toward its resultant goals has begun.

The event was a phenomenal show of community interest and support with well over 100 participants, many of whom also volunteered to help with the planning aspects of the occasion.  Thank you all.

The Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music was an ideal venue for accommodating the Forum, which was facilitated by Jack Calhoun of Antioch New England Institute.  Thank you Apple Hill for your generosity, and thank you Jack for your many hours of guidance through this process.

We gathered Friday night for registration and a potluck supper.  And then, with dessert barely digesting, as we were settling down to begin the facilitated work of the evening, the power went out!  But the power of the participants surged on as we literally and figuratively lit our way through the rest of the evening. Continue Reading »


On Saturday, March 27, 7:00 pm, in the Town Hall, Nelson will again celebrate itself at the Hotel Nelson “Revisited”, in an adaptation from the 1997 original Hotel Nelson:  the wonderful musical theatre performance, written and staged by, for and about our town; and facilitated by composer Larry Siegel of Tricinium Limited.  At that time, Larry likened the process to the late 19th century town pageants…an art form that he has helped to reawaken in many of our small communities.

Hardly a substitute for the amazing hard work of the original production, the “revisit” has mildly adapted some of the original works to better accommodate the busy lives of those who are helping with this production.  We’ve also, reluctantly, cut and pasted here and there in order to make room for some newness that hopefully will speak for the ever-evolving newness that is Nelson – the new guests at the Hotel!  And to top it off, we’ve added a few PowerPoints here and there – well, there weren’t any computers in the late 19th century!

Those helping, who were not involved in the 1997 Hotel Nelson, are enjoying the opportunity to learn a little about the process that produced the original theatre; to learn some of the songs that were written and sung, and to otherwise be a part of something that again brings friends and neighbors together, in the spirit of community.

We hope that you’ll join us to learn a little about our town’s past and present, to witness some of our extensive local talent as they hold forth on (and off) stage – some reliving their 1997 roles, others filling in for those not available this time, and still others adding some additional flavors to the show.

In order to be certain not to exceed the fire-code seating limits (155) in the Town Hall, we’re asking you to reserve a seat by e-mail at: or by phone at: 847-9918.  It’ll be first come, first served, and Susan will check your name off when you arrive at the Town Hall on March 27.  Remember that admission is free, but donations will gladly be accepted at the door.

The Hotel Nelson Revisited

Sponsored by Moving in Step

In 1997, the people of Nelson raised funds from private donations, the Town of Nelson and the Nelson Congregational Church to sponsor The Hotel Nelson, a musical theatre that was created by, for, and about the Town of Nelson. Facilitated by Larry Siegal of Westmoreland, it was performed in the Nelson Congregational Church on August 14 and 15 to sold out audiences.

In 1840, The Nelson House was built to house the hotel, the post office, the library and a store.  The three-story brick building burned down in 1894!  So, for 54 years, sitting on the village common, it was literally the center of the town.
Thus, it is the metaphor from which our theatre, The Hotel Nelson, was born:

“When I built this hotel I put a porch on the front.  It was the best decision I ever made.  People come and sit out there, from the end of black fly season until the first snowfall.  Now granted, that’s not a very long stretch of time, but it’s enough time for some good stories to get told, and for more stories to get made.  The town goes by, day by day, and just when I think I’m getting to understand how it works, something happens and I realize I really don’t have it figured out after all.  But I love it here – this place, this land, these people.  I’ve found myself quite a home here….  Please… come in.  You might stay for a night, or for a summer.  And if you can’t figure out how to leave, well – you won’t be the first. “
Narrator in “The Hotel Nelson”
(from the opening scene)

From the above scene onward, songs were sung and stories were told by the same people who researched, wrote and composed them.  They covered some of
Nelson’s history and politics, some of its notables and characters, and many anecdotes past and present.

Some of the songs that were sung are simply too good to relegate to the archives, so we’re going to sing them again…with your help.

So, please join us on Friday night, January 29, 2010, 6:30 pm, at the Nelson Town Hall.

After a potluck supper (please bring something to share), we’ll have some skilled musicians teach us a few of the songs so that we can all join in.  But, if you don’t sing, that’s OK.  Just come to enjoy the festivities.

“The mud can’t get deeper on Old Stoddard Road.
My white car is brown: what a sight to behold.
I’d give anything for a driveway that’s dry,
And to taste the tart pleasure of fresh rhubarb pie.”

From “Sing Halleluiah!”

“The world is full of gladness, and joys of many kinds.
There’s cure for ev’ry sadness, each troubled mortal finds.
My little cares grow lighter.  I cease to fret and sigh.
My eyes with joy grow brighter, when she makes lemon pie.”

From “The Lemon Pie Song”

“When you’re a kid in Nelson you’re like a tall oak tree
Roots reach down into the past
Arms reach for eternity
Whether we’re playing baseball
Or biking through the square
There’s always something happening
And music fills the air”

From “Being a Kid in Nelson”

And, stay tuned for more:  On Saturday, March 27, 2010, we will incorporate the songs that we learn on January 29 with more of the original songs and many of the stories (and perhaps even some new ones!) into another evening out at The Hotel Nelson Revisited.

“There’s one thing certain about the future, which is — it’s always going to be there.  Some folks worry about it, some try to plan for it, some think it’s preordained, and some spend so much time thinking about it that today becomes tomorrow with nothing in between.

“Now the past is always there too.  And we might not worry so much about it, but people can get to dwelling on that too, and lose the present.

“I like it here in Nelson, ‘cause folks seem to enjoy the past, the present, and the future, all in good measure.

“When I’m away from here I tell people about this place.  And sometimes someone will ask – tell me, that town of yours, and that Hotel, is it real, or is it just make believe?

“And I answer:  yes.”
Narrator in “The Hotel Nelson”
(from the closing scene)

The New Salt Barn

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The trusses glow in the Autumn sunlight. Very exciting project – congratulations to the Nelson Highway Department.

Scroll down for more pictures.




Will the roof get on before the first snow?