One Selectmen’s Report: October 9, 2013

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Underneath the Nelson Town HallHello everyone,


I have a couple of topics for my report today, Town Building Projects and Property Taxes


Our Town Buildings Committee and Grant Writers have been making good progress in developing designs for our Town Hall restoration work and in acquiring grants to help with its funding. As you may recall the Select Board was charged, by the 2013 Town Meeting, to hire an architect to develop construction drawings and specifications for Town Hall renovations and for the remodeling of the Library basement. These drawings and specifications are to be used to acquire bids for the completion of these two projects. Final designs and costs for completion of these projects will be brought to Town Meeting 2014 for the approval of the Town.


We have received a “Moose Plate Grant” in the amount of $10,000 to be used for the restoration of the windows in the Town Hall. This money must be spent before the end of 2014. However this work should be done only after all necessary jacking or squaring of the building has been completed. No matching funds are required for the use of this grant. In addition, we have applied once again for a New Hampshire LCHIP, (Land and Community Heritage Investment Program), grant for the renovations needed for the Town Hall. This year we have applied for $100,000 from LCHIP. The award of the LCHIP grant does require the local contribution of matching funds. Our thanks go to our Grant Writers, Susan Hansel, Lisa Sieverts, and Bert Wingerson for their great work. Continue Reading »

One Selectman’s Report 4/20/13

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Well, it’s been about a month since my last report, and your Select Board hasn’t been short of things to do during that time. Our major activities have been related to collaborating with our Fire Chief to develop job descriptions for the Fire Chief and for two new positions that we call Deputy Chief of Operations and Deputy Chief of Administration. Also, we’ve been working with the Old Home Day Committee to define how the Select Board can sponsor the Old Home Day events that make use of Town property. And lastly, I’m writing to announce a one-time special program to help landowners, those with mowed lawns that merge directly with our dirt roads, with Spring clean-up of rocks and gravel left there by our snow plowing operations this past Winter.

As you may know, our Fire Chief, Rick Lothrop, will be retiring from his position as Chief on the 30th of this month. Before we could proceed with electing Rick’s successor, we agreed that we needed to have a job description, for the Fire Chief, that would allow both the Select Board and the candidates for the position to understand our performance expectations. Continue Reading »

One Selectmen’s Report March 16, 2013

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The topic of my report today is Town Services and Projects for 2013.

Thanks to the actions taken at Town Meeting, we are well positioned to provide the services that we need in 2013. Our Administrative Office will be properly staffed so that we can effectively and efficiently continue to serve the people and to manage the work of our Town government. Our Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office will have the resources, time and materials, that it needs in order to accomplish all of its objectives and responsibilities, as will our Library, our Highway Department, our Fire Department and our Police Department.

The position of Administrative Assistant will continue as one that is full-time. By doing so, we can fairly compensate our present Administrative Assistant for her efforts and contributions to the success of our Town Office, while at the same time we will be able to establish a job description with pay and benefits that will allow the Town to continue to employ a capable and knowledgeable individual in this position. Having a full-time Administrative Assistant who is responsible for the operations of our Town Office not only makes good sense from a management standpoint but also provides the administrative continuity that Select Boards need as their memberships change. Continue Reading »

Selectmen’s Report March 8, 2013

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Hello everyone,
I’m writing my report today with news from our Fire and Rescue Department and with some highlights of Warrant Articles that we will be acting upon at Town Meeting on March 12.
Thanks to the efforts of Rick Lothrop and the investment of time and energy made by those who took the training and acquired the licensing required to become certified First Responders, the Nelson Fire and Rescue Department has resumed providing Rescue Services as of Thursday, February 28, 2013. Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to all of you who made this happen.
On a not so positive note, Rick Lothrop has announced his intention to retire as our Fire Chief as of April 30 of this year. Rick has told us that he will remain as a member of our Fire and Rescue Department and will continue to serve as our Forest Fire Warden. We will be sorry to loose Rick’s leadership on our Fire Department, but certainly understand his desire to have a little free time to enjoy his retirement years. It would be difficult to adequately thank Rick for his 28 years of service as our Fire Chief.
And lastly, from the Fire and Rescue category, Jack Bradshaw has advised the Select Board that he is considering the donation of a new, fully equipped, rescue vehicle to the Town of Nelson. Bud French is working with Jack developing the specifications for such a vehicle.
The second topic of my report today is our upcoming Town Meeting. Your Select Board unanimously recommends the passage of the actions and appropriations described in all of the 29 Articles, in our Town Warrant for 2013, those that have been developed by the Select Board, the Library Trustees, our Boards and Commissions, and our Department Heads. A copy of the 2013 Town Warrant and brief highlights of the various Articles are available by clicking on the links in the upper right corner of this site.
In closing, if you been satisfied with the work of your Town Administration during 2012, please attend Town Meeting on next Tuesday, March 12, and bring your support for the Articles in our 2013 Town Warrant. It’s only with your help that we can continue to provide the quality of services that we believe are important to you.
Thanks and hope to see you on the 12th,

Selectmen’s Report December 10, 2012

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Hello everyone,

A couple of themes come to mind for inclusion in my report today. One is roads and the other is our activities related to our preparations for Town Meeting 2013.

Perhaps everyone has noticed by now that the paint stripes, both the center lines and the fog lines, are in place on the State highway between the Tolman Pond Road and Route 9. This project was completed thanks to the initiative of Police Chief Pratt. He communicated his intentions to have the road painted to the State Highway Department and contracted the services of MARKINGS Inc., of Pembroke, Mass, a contractor used by the State of NH, when it chooses to paint its highways. Both the Select Board and the Nelson Police Department had previously complained to the State Highway Dept., on three separate occasions, that we were extremely disappointed that it could not, or would not, meet its obligations to make our State highways as safe as possible.

The total cost of this painting work is $2745. To date, Chief Pratt and others have raised a total of $2350 in pledges and donations to privately pay for this work. The Select Board has voted to cover any deficiencies, in the amount raised privately, with funds from the Town budget. With only $395 remaining to be raised this is not a great deal to ask of the Town. However, I personally oppose using Town funds to pay for a State obligation. I would be much more comfortable if we could raise the remaining $395 through additional private contributions. If you believe, as I do, that we should not use Town funds for this project and would like to contribute so that we can fund all of the cost privately, please contact me by phone at 847-3449, or by email. Thanks. Continue Reading »

Selectmen’s Report September 30, 2012

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Hello Everyone,

Well, there goes September. As the cooler weather descends upon us, we begin to think of wood piles and weather stripping and leaf raking. Your Select Board’s thinking about Town Budget Development and Warrant Articles for 2013, and preparing our Town Report for 2012. We hope to have as much of this work as possible completed by the end of this year. We are scheduling our activities accordingly.

Projects that we have initiated that may have an impact on our proposed budget include a study of the safety of our Granite Lake Boat Launch Ramp, continuation of our traffic volume and speed studies, and increased support for our Nelson Fire and Rescue Department.

A subject of study that has the potential for saving us money is the possibility of having our Town employees, those who participate in our Health Insurance Program, become members of the SAU 29 Health Insurance Pool. The rates for purchasing health insurance from the SAU 29 member pool are presently lower than those for the municipal employees pool of which we are now members. The health insurance coverage that we offer to our employees would not change. Continue Reading »

Selectmen’s Report September 16, 2012

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Hello Everyone,

It’s been an all too short summer but a lovely one nonetheless. We’ve been invited to and did attend the Roxbury Bicentennial celebration, continued to make steady progress in our remodeling project for our Town Offices and to support the good work of our Town Buildings Committee, begun to conduct traffic studies to try to improve the safety of our town roads, hired a new Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector, and begun thinking about budget development for the upcoming year.

Roxbury Commemorative Granite (photo by Rick Church)

Back in July, the Select Boards of Nelson and Marlborough, and a representative of the Keene City government were invited to attend the Roxbury Bicentennial Celebration. We were advised that we would be given a commemorative piece of Roxbury granite. I was pleased to be able to attend this gathering on the 18th of August and to participate in the event. It turns out that back in the mid to late 18th century when the Townships of Packersfield, Marlboro, and Keene were incorporated, that there was no Roxbury. The folks living in Southwestern Packersfield, Northwestern Marlboro and Eastern Keene complained to the State Legislature that they needed to become an independent township so that they could worship and conduct town business without having to travel the great distances to the meeting houses located in Packersfield, Marlboro, or Keene.  In 1812 their petition was granted by the Legislature and the new Town of Roxbury was incorporated on December 9th of that year. Land from Packersfield, Marlboro, and Keene was taken for that purpose. So, on August 18th of this year, the Town of Roxbury thanked Nelson, Marlborough, and Keene for their land and returned to each of us a piece of their town, an inscribed piece of granite. A photo of the gift to Nelson and the booklet produced for the bicentennial is attached. Both of these reside in our Town Archives if anyone would like to take a closer look. Continue Reading »

Selectman’s Report 8/26/12

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Hello Everyone,

 It’s been an event filled summer and we’ve made some good progress that I’d like to report to you today.
In response to our need for trained and licensed emergency medical personnel, on our Nelson Fire and Rescue Department, Fire Chief, Rick Lothrop, has organized a training course for a class of medical service provider called First Responder. The outpouring of interest for this training, from individuals in our community, has been extremely gratifying. We have a total of ten people who have volunteered to be trained and to perform as First Responders for our Town. Thanks to all of you. The cost of this training will be covered by the Town and will come from the training component of the Fire Department’s budget.
Lisa Sieverts reports that “On Thursday, August 30 at 7:00 pm, architect Rick Monahon will present his recommendations for the Library basement, Town Hall, and second floor of the Old School House. He will have budget estimates for each project, including several options. All town residents are encouraged to come, ask questions, and weigh in on which, if any, projects should be brought to Town Meeting next year.” We applaud Lisa’s work and that of the Town Buildings Committee. They have organized the development of their work in away that involves your opinions and interests. Please attend the meeting of the Town Buildings Committee on 8/30 so that we can continue this good work. I believe that this meeting will be held in the Town Hall.

Finally, thanks to the diligent work of our contractor, Keene Commercial Interiors, and to the dedication and tolerance of Edie, Teri, and Edith, we are beginning to put the finishing touches on our Town Offices’ Remodeling Project while continuing to provide Town services out of the Old Brick Schoolhouse. Walls and finish work are in place and we are expecting that the interior painting will begin this week. Completion of the work, by our State imposed 9/30 deadline, appears to be well on its way.


That’s all for now. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of a pleasant summer in our great Town.

Selectmen’s Report July 20, 2012

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Under the category of progress made, we have appointed Susan Hansel as a member of our Select Board and have awarded the contract for the security renovations of our Town Offices to Keene Commercial Interiors.

Susan has taken Warren Hammock’s seat on the Board after Warren’s resignation. Susan’s honesty, enthusiasm and love for our Town has made her a respected member of our community. She has served on the Nelson Planning Board, The Nelson Municipal Records Committee, the Friends of the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library, and the Nelson Grant Writing Group. Her knowledge and experience will serve her well as a member of the Nelson Select Board.

We opened the bids and awarded the contract for our Town Office security remodeling project on 7/12/12. We awarded the contract for this work to Keene Commercial Interiors. A spreadsheet showing the bids of the three firms that bid on our project is available [click to download]. David Drasba, our architect, has expressed his confidence in the capabilities of Keene Commercial Interiors and the company appears to be very willing to cooperate with us and the office staff to make sure we can do the necessary work with the least possible disruption. We will be closing the Town Offices for the week of August 12. During that week we expect that a majority of the rough-in work will be completed. We expect all of the work to be completed by mid September. If needs be, we can again close the Town Offices for a short period in September. We’re confident that the work will be completed by the State imposed deadline of September 30.

Under the category of not there yet, we still haven’t come to terms with our Farmers’ Market Committee relative to the insurances that they must have in order to conduct their market on Town property. I hope that we are making progress, but we still need to have our Town liability insurance carrier review and comment on the latest proposal from the Farmers’ Market Committee.

As always, your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
Dave Upton

Selectmen’s News

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On Tuesday June 26, 2012, with regret, the Nelson Board of Selectmen accepted the resignation of Warren Hammack.

The Board joins the community in extending thanks for the hard work, dedication, and countless hours spent on behalf of the Town of Nelson.