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Kris Finnegan, Library Director of the Year (Award Ceremony)

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Each year the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association selects a “Library Director of the Year” and this year they have selected our own, Kris Finnegan. The award is given for professionalism, leadership and outstanding performance to a Library Director who offers programs which enhance the quality of life in their community. Kris certainly meets this criteria and more. The Trustees of the library are thrilled that Kris has received this award. We will let you know as soon as the award ceremony has been scheduled and we hope that you will be able to join us then. – Linda Cates, for the Olivia Rodham Library Board of Trustees.

Click Here to read why the Library Trustees thought Kris should receive this award.

The Award Ceremony for Kris Finnegan’s Library Director of the Year award will be on Tuesday, October 2, 7 PM in Town Hall. There will be a brief award ceremony followed by refreshments. We hope everyone will join us as we celebrate Kris’s award.

Nelson Strings Inaugural Concert

See this concert on YouTube!

On Thursday evening, May 19th, dozens of Nelson residents (and a few flat-landers) assembled in the Hoffman Auditorium at the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music. The occasion was the premier performance of the Nelson Strings, a collaborative project between the Nelson School and Apple Hill. This was the brainchild of Val Van Meier, and the result of  many hours of planning and the generous support of community members, and notably Nelson School Principal Sheila Vara, and Apple Hill Director Lenny Matczynski.  This first years Nelson Strings ensemble are Elizabeth Hull, Sarah Hull,  Tae’lar Forcier, Fallon Smith, and Molly Gray.

Nelson Strings Continue Reading »

Forum ReUnion

On Saturday evening, April 16, a celebration was held in Town Hall to mark the six month anniversary of the Nelson Community Forum held at Apple Hill last September.  The evening began with socializing and a finger food potluck.  The committees formed at the Community Forum gave brief updates on their activities.  Then on to the main attraction – music from some of Nelson’s finest.

John Cucchi led off with some excellent guitar and vocal work.  Young Kaitlin Schillemat sang beautifully.  Next up was Alouette Iselin with some great songs for sing along.  Warmed up by Alouette, the sing along continued with an excellent performance by Allison Aldrich and Hunt Smith, backed by Tom Murray on bass. A good time was had by all.

The Nelson Community Forum Follow-up

The work of the September 17 and 18th Nelson Community Forum is over, and now the work toward its resultant goals has begun.

The event was a phenomenal show of community interest and support with well over 100 participants, many of whom also volunteered to help with the planning aspects of the occasion.  Thank you all.

The Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music was an ideal venue for accommodating the Forum, which was facilitated by Jack Calhoun of Antioch New England Institute.  Thank you Apple Hill for your generosity, and thank you Jack for your many hours of guidance through this process.

We gathered Friday night for registration and a potluck supper.  And then, with dessert barely digesting, as we were settling down to begin the facilitated work of the evening, the power went out!  But the power of the participants surged on as we literally and figuratively lit our way through the rest of the evening. Continue Reading »


On Saturday, March 27, 7:00 pm, in the Town Hall, Nelson will again celebrate itself at the Hotel Nelson “Revisited”, in an adaptation from the 1997 original Hotel Nelson:  the wonderful musical theatre performance, written and staged by, for and about our town; and facilitated by composer Larry Siegel of Tricinium Limited.  At that time, Larry likened the process to the late 19th century town pageants…an art form that he has helped to reawaken in many of our small communities.

Hardly a substitute for the amazing hard work of the original production, the “revisit” has mildly adapted some of the original works to better accommodate the busy lives of those who are helping with this production.  We’ve also, reluctantly, cut and pasted here and there in order to make room for some newness that hopefully will speak for the ever-evolving newness that is Nelson – the new guests at the Hotel!  And to top it off, we’ve added a few PowerPoints here and there – well, there weren’t any computers in the late 19th century!

Those helping, who were not involved in the 1997 Hotel Nelson, are enjoying the opportunity to learn a little about the process that produced the original theatre; to learn some of the songs that were written and sung, and to otherwise be a part of something that again brings friends and neighbors together, in the spirit of community.

We hope that you’ll join us to learn a little about our town’s past and present, to witness some of our extensive local talent as they hold forth on (and off) stage – some reliving their 1997 roles, others filling in for those not available this time, and still others adding some additional flavors to the show.

In order to be certain not to exceed the fire-code seating limits (155) in the Town Hall, we’re asking you to reserve a seat by e-mail at: or by phone at: 847-9918.  It’ll be first come, first served, and Susan will check your name off when you arrive at the Town Hall on March 27.  Remember that admission is free, but donations will gladly be accepted at the door.