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Nelson Solar Panel Installation

by on June 22, 2016 in Civic Opportunity, Home Page
solarpanelsThe time has come to install 34 solar panels on the Nelson Library South roof. The equipment is in and the weather is cooperating to begin installation this Friday, June 24. The weather should be perfect, but in case of rain, installation will begin Monday, June 27. Feel free to stop by anytime Friday or the following Monday to watch the progress. If you’re inclined to get involved with the installation, arrive at 9 AM Friday and Greg Blake, owner of South Pack Solar, will demonstrate how we, the system owners and Nelson residents, can mount Enphase microinverters onto the back side of each solar panel to prepare them for installation. We don’t need to bring any tools and we won’t be crawling around the library roof. We’ll do our magic on tables on the library lawn.
In case you missed our March Town Meeting, this solar photovoltaic system will provide about 12,300 kWh of electricity every year, and that is about 76% of both the Town Hall and library electricity needs. Over the system’s warranted 25-year life, it’s been calculated that we will produce total savings of $71,200.

Shoot: It’s Old Home Day!

Hey Nelson Folks: If you’ve spent time in the Town Hall you might have noticed a nice collection of pictures from Old Home Day of many years ago. This is a treasure, and wouldn’t it be nice to create an updated version (to supplement, not replace)?  So, here’s what we’ll do – on Old Home Day (or other times during Old Home Week), take pictures. Then, pick out up to five that you consider your best photos and send them to  An impromptu committee will meet and pick out the best of the best, and make a new photo display (we’ll also create an online gallery on this web site).  Please keep your images in their original size so that they will retain their integrity when printed. Please either zip them or send them separately – so that no one attachment is over 10MB. You may provide captions if you want, and be sure to include your name for proper credit.

Agricultural Commission Update

by on October 18, 2010 in Civic Opportunity, Cultural, Life in Nelson

Efforts are progressing to establish an Agricultural Commission in Nelson. The potential to have such a commission is provided by RSA 674:44-e and 673:4-b. To date, several towns in New Hampshire have established AgComs, and a few more are currently in the process of doing so. Generally, AgComs serve as a local voice advocating for farmers, farm-related businesses, and broadly defined agricultural interests. An AgCom is non-regulatory, and may be called upon to assist other town boards in their regular work.

On July 6, the Nelson Planning Board sponsored a public informational meeting at the Town Hall, to determine the interest in forming a Nelson AgCom. Twenty-seven residents came out in the sweltering heat. We heard presentations by Amanda Costello, from Cheshire County Conservation, and Jeff Littleton from Moosewood Ecological Services; a lively discussion followed. All present agreed that the concept of a Nelson AgCom deserves further investigation. Six people volunteered to form a Steering Committee, which has met three times.

The Steering Committee is exploring ways to cultivate broad community support for an AgCom, in hopes that the Town will officially establish the commission at the 2011 Town Meeting. In addition, the Steering Committee is developing a list of “Nelson Producers and Their Produce”: hopefully, next season you will be able to consult the list to find a very local source for a wide range of agricultural products.

Other ideas on the drawing board: An Agricultural Arts day during Old Home Week; an all-Nelson (that is, produce only from Nelson) Harvest Supper; presentations on agricultural and forest issues ( such as the Asisan Long-horned beetle, early and late blight, livestock concerns, etc.); forums on political and cultural issues that have impact on agriculture; recommended reading lists; farm tours; and more. In all of these efforts, the Steering Committee welcomes input from the community.

Steering Committee members are: Gigi Batchelder, Bob Jones, Mike Iselin, Owen Iselin, Margaret Schillemat, and David Voymas. For more information, or to make sure you are included in the “Directory of Nelson Producers,” please contact David at 847-3137 or