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Colonial – Inspired Dooryard Garden

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Garden Tour on Saturday, June 17th

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In celebration of Nelson’s 250th birthday and with our theme of “A Sense of Place”, several gardens will be open to Nelson residents, their family and friends each offering a piece of an amazing garden tour. The gardens represent their owner’s unique and personal creative spaces.
Chopin waltzes by pianist Linda Singer at Sally and Bill Coughlin’s at 11:00 and then later at her home at 19 Breed Pond Road at 2:30.
Snacks and beverages at Linda’s and at Martha and Maury Collins’ at 521 Old Stoddard Road.
There are fliers and maps available at the Nelson Library containing number keys to find each of the gardens.
Balloons will mark driveway entrances:
➋ Sally and Bill Coughlin – 26 Lead Mine Road
➋ Linda Singer & Greg Rothman – 19 Breed Pond Road
➌ Priscilla Williams – 510 Lead Mine Road
➍ Rebecca Henderson & James Morone – 580 Nelson Road
➎ Laurie and Jonathan Smith – 25 Greengate Road
➏ Kathleen Vetter & John Zurich – 97 Nubanusit Road
➐ Martha and Maury Collins – 521 Old Stoddard Road

Tour 10:30 am – 4pm. Pick up maps at the Nelson Library, which is open 10 am to 1 pm. Click here for a printable map: Nelson Garden Day map

Pollinators: From Soup to Nuts (or From Flowers to Fruit) with Francie Von Mertens

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Saturday, January 30th, 11 a.m. at the Library
What kind of pollinators are buzzing around in Nelson? How do they help us? How can we help them?
Pollinators: From Soup to Nuts (or From Flowers to Fruit) with Francie Von Mertens

Subject is pretty much soup to nuts about pollinators with good emphasis on our unsung native bees that are the superpollinators.  Basics of pollination; decline in pollinators; what we can do to help in our backyards. Habitat includes nesting (snags, sandy soils, etc.) as well as food resources. Great photos to illustrate. Butterflies, too, charismatic although they aren’t top pollinators. Can’t ignore butterflies!
Are you ready to find out what the buzz is all about?

Wattle Fence Workshop

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Saturday, May 20

11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Olivia Rodham Memorial Library

Nelson Common, Nelson, NH

     Come to the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library for this workshop to learn how people in the 18th century made fencing for animals and gardens as a spring activity. Led by Kathy Schillemat,  participants will construct a wattle fence around a demonstration garden behind the library and learn the techniques needed to construct their own fence at home.  This is a collaborative program between the Nelson Agricultural Commission and the Historical Society of Cheshire County. Suggested tools: gloves, clippers and loppers. All fence building material will be supplied.
Photo from 2016 Wattle Fence workshop held at Maple Lane Greenhouses in Gilsum.

Nelson Agricultural Commission 2017 Lecture Series

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January 28Wild Edibles with Al Stoops

Ever wonder what is there to eat in the woods and fields? Al will share his knowledge of our NH woods and wild edibles in this engaging discussion.

February 18Maple Sugaring with Becky & Nick Barrett

Becky and Nick have a sugar house, tap maple trees and will share their experiences with us. Interested in trying your hand at making maple syrup? Then this discussion is for you.

TBA – Fencing Garden and Poultry with Tiger Batchelder

Tired of woodchucks eating your garden and foxes taking chickens?

There are options and Tiger knows about fencing!

April 15Pruning Blueberries with Ted Lenk

This will be a hands on demonstration pruning blueberry bushes at the Nelson Library.

May 20Wattle Fencing Basics with Kathy Schillemat

Learn the basics of wattle fences and put these new skills to practice while building a small wattle fence around a demonstration garden.

All lectures are free and open to the public.

They take place on Saturdays at 11am in the

Olivia Rodham Public Library, 1 Nelson Common Rd, Nelson, NH.



Beyond Pesto: the many uses of herbs from your garden

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Saturday, May 14th

11 a.m. at the Nelson Library

Most of us can figure out how to cultivate basic herbs, and maybe even venture into new recipes, but what about the historic preservation and use of herbs that you can easily accomplish in your kitchen? Join us in a culinary, medicinal, and beyond exploration of some of the fun ways to add herbs into your life!

The Real Dirt on Soil

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The Real Dirt on Soil

View from the homestead in Stoddard where Oliver Carter lived for a time. The view is Bolster Pond and what was formerly Packersfield to the south.

 Saturday, April 23rd, 11 a.m.

Nelson Library

Having healthy soil depends on more than simply spreading fertilizer. In this presentation, Carl Majewski with the UNH Cooperative Extension will discuss the physical and biological characteristics that lead to healthy and productive soils. Join us as we grow our soil knowledge–just in time for the spring gardening season! Bring your soil related questions!

Fermentation Workshop at the Library

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Meet us at the Library in Nelson on Saturday February 20th at 11am for a fermentation workshop. Puzzled by pickling? Stumped by sourdough? Curious about kefir? You’re in luck! People are fermenting delicious foods right here in Nelson. Our panel of local experts will talk about how they make sauerkraut, sourdough, pickles, kefir, and kombucha! Join us to learn how you can make these foods in your own kitchen! Recipes, samples, and grains will be available.