Hike and Cookout at Spoonwood Pond Dam

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These Pictures are from 2018 hike.
Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 10:30 am
Join the Nelson Trail Committee for a leisurely walk across the ice of Nubanusit Lake, through the isthmus of Louis Cabot Preserve, across pristine Spoonwood Pond to the 1859 vintage 12’ high and 280’ long dam & spillway. For 111 years, that water impoundment, in addition to the Nubanusit Lake impoundment beginning in 1861, provided most of the energy to power Harrisville’s woolen mills until 1970.
At the dam, the Trail Committee will host a free cookout and provide hot dogs, chips and hot chocolate. Depending on conditions, bring ice walkers (such as STABILicers or Yaktrax), boots, snowshoes or cross country skis  – your choice. As of January 27, only ice walkers are appropriate. There is no snow on the lakes.
Round trip: 4 miles. Total elevation gain: 0 feet. Meet at Dave Birchenough’s (827-3552) at 162 Nubanusit Road, Nelson  on February 3 at 10:30 AM. We should be back by 2:30 PM. Families and pets are welcome.
If you plan to participate, and have not previously signed up, please click this link to sign up. That will help us plan for the cookout. If weather causes a cancellation or postponement, we will notify you by email – if you’ve signed up.
Looking northeast at Nubanusit Lake from the Spoonwood Pond Dam

Willa Cather

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Kindness and Cruelty
​(a musical about Willa Cather)

Nelson library, Saturday at 11 am on February17th

This enthralling three woman show centers on the summer Willa Cather spent in Jaffrey, NH when she was writing ​Sapphira and the Slave Girl​.  This show is written by William Ogmundson and Tom Dunn, and Mary Niederkorn, Jocelyn Duford and Rachel Coffin star.


Rudyard Kipling In NH Humanities Living History Presentation

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Language and Literature, Living History at the Nelson Library on Saturday February 10th at 11 am.

Rudyard Kipling was the most internationally-celebrated author of his day. The first four years of his marriage and fatherhood were spent in New England where he built his dream house – Naulakha in Dummerston, Vermont – now preserved as a Landmark Trust property. It was there that he penned The Jungle Bookand other classics. These were productive and happy years for the young literary giant, but eventually deeply troubled.


Learn to Draw Zen Tangles

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The following is a list of town positions to be voted on at our next town meeting – March 13, 2018. The business portion of the meeting will be held on Saturday March 17 at 10 AM


Selectmen 1…………… 3 years

Moderator 1 ……………2 years

Treasurer 1………………. 1 year

Trustees of Trust Fund 1 …………3 years

Cemetery Board member 2………… 3 years

Supervisors of the Checklist 1………. 6 years

Trustees of the Library 1 ……………..3 years

Planning Board 2 …………………………..3 years

Zoning Board of Adjustment 3…………… 3 years

Road Equipment Committee 1 ……………3 years

Emergency Management Officer 1 …………1 year





All candidates who file on the last day of the filing period shall do so in person before the town clerk. RSA 669:10 through RSA 669:19. The Town Office will be open on February 2 from 3 to 5 pm

– The Mighty Oak – From firewood to baked goods

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Nelson Agricultural Commission 2018 Lecture Series

January 27The Mighty Oak – From firewood to baked goods with

Beth Draper and Rob Germeroth

Our oak trees provide winter heat and acorns for baked goods. Beth and Rob will share their experiences making acorn flour. Be sure to attend and taste these nutrious products.

February 24Mayfair Farm Behind the scenes with Craig Thompson

Craig will share how they found Harrisville, their trials and successes and daily life on a farm. If you’ve ever enjoyed Mayfair’s dinners, shopped at the farm store or picked berries and been curious about their operation, then this discussion is for you.

March 31Protect your garden from critters or Seed Starting – Subject yet to be determined.

April 28Pruning Apple Trees with Ted Lenk

This will be a hands on demonstration pruning Apple trees at the Nelson Library.

May 19Soil Workshop – Instructors TBA

Curious about no-till gardening, making soil with hugelkultur, discover how to determine the make-up of your soil. Bring your questions, a jar and a scoop of your soil to this hands on workshop. Rain or shine.

All lectures are free and open to the public.

They take place at 11am in the

Olivia Rodham Public Library, 1 Nelson Common Rd, Nelson, NH.

Annual Solstice Party

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The Monadnock Folklore Society’s


Saturday, December 16 

 7:00 PM 

The Monadnock Folklore Society brings this community event to the Nelson Town Hall each year,

 admission is $5, and treats are appreciated for the dessert potluck.

This year the evening will begin with a holiday concert featuring a selection of traditional and original seasonal music performed by The Solstice Sisters(Alouette Iselin, Melanie Everard, Kim Wallach, & Heather Bower) and friends; as part of the concert, 2017 Johnny Trombly Scholarship recipient Elias Elliot will perform. The Folklore Society invites you to bring along your favorite holiday dessert and we’ll supply the beverages for the intermission. After the concert the chairs and benches are cleared to make way for a traditional New England Contradance. Unfortunately, or not, the dance is often interrupted by various groups of unsavory characters presenting their idea of seasonal entertainment. These diversions, sometimes involving costumed individuals making complete fools of themselves or performing ancient ritual dances to help us through this dark time of the year, are generally tolerated as once they are applauded and fed we can return to dancing the night away.

Larry Ames 
Monadnock Folklore Society


Sonobe Cubes

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Movie Night

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The Monadnock Folklore Society presents JEFF WARNER

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Friday, November 10 ~ 8:00 PM

 photographed at Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH by Ralph Morang

 The Monadnock Folklore Society presents a concert on Friday, November 10th, commemorating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the town of Nelson, featuring folklorist Jeff Warner performing Songs of Old New Hampshire.

Drawing heavily on the repertoire of traditional singer Lena Bourne Fish (1873-1945) of Jaffrey and Temple, New Hampshire, Jeff Warner offers the songs and stories that, in the words of Carl Sandburg, tell us “where we came from and what brought us along.” These ballads, love songs and comic pieces, reveal the experiences and emotions of daily life in the days before movies, sound recordings and, for some, books. Songs from the lumber camps, the decks of sailing ships, the textile mills and the war between the sexes offer views of pre-industrial New England and a chance to hear living artifacts from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Jeff Warner connects 21st-century audiences with the music and everyday lives of 19th-century people. Warner accompanies his songs on concertina, banjo, guitar and several “pocket instruments,” such as bones and Jew’s harp. Warner is a Folklorist and Community Scholar for the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and was a 2007 State Arts Council Fellow. He has toured nationally for the Smithsonian Institution and has recorded for Flying Fish/Rounder Records and other labels. Jeff Warner’s web page: http://www.jeffwarner.com

The concert begins at 8:00 PM and admission is free thanks to the generosity of the Town of Nelson and a grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council.

The concert will take place in the historic Town Hall in Nelson, NH at 7 Nelson Common Road. For more information call 603-762-0235 or visit http://monadnockfolk.org.

The Frost King and the Gilmore Family Nubanusit Legacy

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Ever kayaked past those classic boathouses on Lake Nubanusit and wondered about their histories?

They started with a lightbulb!

To learn more, come to a Nelson History Moment

 Olivia Rodham Memorial Library

 Saturday, November 4th

 11 am to noon

Nelson’s John Wengler will present

“The Frost King and the Gilmore Family Nubanusit Legacy.”

Nelson Library Movie Night, Oct 18th, Wednesday at 6pm

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On the run from Nazis, three Italian Jewish brothers spent months during their childhood hiding in a cave in the Tuscan countryside. Nearly 70 years later, after emigrating to Israel, the three reunite in the country they were forced to abandon and rediscover their hiding place. “For years I’ve wanted to find that cave, the place to which we owe our lives,” says Bubi, the youngest of the trio.

Amid hearty Tuscan meals and sweeping landscapes, the octogenarians’ quest unexpectedly swells with humor and clashing memories in Shalom Italia.

Retracing their steps, the brothers in Shalom Italia are as different as can be. Emmanuel, the oldest and a world-renowned anthropologist and archaeologist based in Israel, simply recalls misery and only agrees to the journey to make Bubi happy. “Why search for it? I don’t want to remember,” he says.

Meanwhile, Andrea, an athletic physicist just two years younger than Emmanuel, remembers an enchanted childhood: “Those were wonderful times. We lived in the woods, played Robin Hood and collected mushrooms. I had fun during the Holocaust.”

However, Bubi, 4 1/2 at the time, barely remembers the cave. “I don’t know whether family stories and my memories overlapped. It’s all a bit vague.”

“It’s human for our memories–personal or shared–to become a source of our identity,” said filmmaker Tamar Tal Anati. “Whether that memory comes from one ‘truth’ is explored by Bubi, Emmanuel and Andrea. Often it seems any particular moment can only be accurately constructed when everyone is involved, as each person’s particular recollection of an event helps piece together a larger mosaic of a shared experience. I hope Shalom Italia will inspire American audiences to reexamine their own stories and history.”

Unalike as they are, Bubi, Andrea and Emmanuel are undoubtedly brothers. They bicker over driving directions, recipes and how exactly their time in the cave should be remembered. Probing the boundaries between history and myth, the brothers soon learn their memories are not so easily unraveled. They can’t agree whether the family hid valuables with a village neighbor, or whether the bow and arrows they played with in the woods were bought at a store or fashioned by hand. “History is full of doubts,” Emmanuel, says, to which Bubi impatiently replies, “You keep doubting and contradicting everything and saying it’s not true over and over again.”

Adventures in Geneology

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Old Car

Olivia Rodham Memorial Library

11 am, Saturday, October 14th

Learn about your family ancestry using the “free at the library” resource called ancestrylibrary.com.

Elizabeth Williams will help you navigate this on line.

She will also show some exciting connections in Nelson that she has researched. For more info. call 603-847-3214.

Bring a computer or sign up for one of ours.

Songs of the Old North

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Songs of the Old North

Saturday October 7th, 11am

Olivia Rodham Memorial Library

in Nelson

New Hampshire’s history is rich and rife with excitement. Loggers, miners, patriots and reformers – Join Ranger Pete for a musical journey through time as we explore New Hampshire’s history through some of the songs they left behind.

Bench Dedication

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Nelson Library Dedicates New Benches

The Olivia Rodham Memorial Library has been the recipient of two beautiful teak benches to welcome guests. On September 9, library trustees and patrons gathered to honor the donors. One bench was donated by Linda Singer in memory of her father, Herb Singer, who died earlier this year. Greg Rothman offered heartfelt comments and stories about his father-in-law, who spent the last five years of his life in Nelson, living with Greg and Linda and volunteering at community suppers and other events. A matching bench was given to the library by the Friends organization. Donna Kidd, president of the Friends, said proceeds from the annual book sale and membership fees go toward buying books, the new bike rack recently installed beside the library, and this year, the bench.

The trustees of the library thank Richard Popovic for his hard work installing the benches and the bike rack, Rob Germeroth for placing the dedication labels, the energetic Landscaping Committee for their work in beautifying the library grounds, and everyone who has contributed to the book sales and other activities of the Friends.

The Geological and Cultural History of Mount Monadnock

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Saturday, September 16th at 11am

The Geological and Cultural

History of Mount Monadnock

An interpretive program presented by the NH Parks

Concerning the geologic processes that formed the mountain,

the traits that make it unique, and some notable history including events

people that climbed it or wrote about it

and its significance for the Abenaki

 Admission is free.

Fall Library Events

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2017 Fall Library Events in Nelson

Coffee hour with pleasant conversation: Every Saturday 10am – 11am

Every Thursday Volunteer Group: 3pm-4pm and Knitting Group: 4pm-6m

Cookbook Book Group- Monday Sept 11th – 11:30 am

Come join us for a potluck using recipes from cook books byNancy Harmon Jenkins. These books explore Meditteranean cooking. On October 2nd we will use the cookbook Forks over Knives by Dell Srouf.

The Geological and Cultural History of Mount Monadnock  An interpretive program presented by the NH Parks, SCA (Student Conservation Corps) speaker. Concerning the geologic processes that formed the mountain, the traits that make it unique, and some notable history including events, people that climbed it or wrote about it, and its significance for the Abenaki. Saturday Sept. 16th at 11am

Monthly Book Discussion, Monday, at 10:30 am September 18thCircling the Sun by Paula McLain. Historical fiction about the life of Beryl Markham. October 16th: Americanah by Adichie

Movie Night 6pm (movies to promote discussion and inform):  Point of View, Wednesday Sept . 20Th, Iris pairs the late documentarian Albert Maysles (Grey GardensGimme Shelter), then 87, with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades. More than a fashion film, the documentary is a story about creativity and how a soaring free spirit continues to inspire. Iris portrays a singular woman whose enthusiasm for fashion, art and people are her sustenance. She reminds us that dressing — and indeed, life — is nothing but a grand experiment. “If you’re lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows.”

Discover Your Ancestors with Ancestrylibrary.com, a hands on class with Elizabeth Williams  Saturday, October 14th , 11am

The Frost King and the Gilmore’s Nubanusit Legacy – a history exploration with John Wengler, Saturday, November 4th, 11am

For more information call the library at 847-3214 or email library@townofnelson.com.Check out our website at http://townofnelson.com Free to use in the library ancestrylibrary.com.

Free downloadable ebooks and audiobooks at the library on Overdrive.

DMV notice

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The DMV in Concord will be doing a software upgrade during the first 2 weeks of October which will greatly limit the service that we can provide for Nelson residents on October 10, 2017. Therefore, we have adjusted our hours to better serve you. Our hours for that week will be:

Oct 10 – Tuesday 9 to noon (non vehicle business only)

Oct 12 – Thursday 9 to noon and 4 – 7 pm

Please read the Press Release below:



CONCORD, NH – The NH Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will implement a new driver licensing system in October to replace the current system originally implemented in the 1980s. Implementation of the new system will require the closure of all DMV offices on Monday, October 9th and Tuesday, October 10th and will temporarily limit some services.

Customers are encouraged to complete DMV transactions regarding driver licenses and registrations in advance of expiration dates if they expire during the transition period. In the days following implementation of the new system customers may experience longer than usual wait times and are asked to plan their visit accordingly.

Save time by completing forms in advance of your visit. Answers to frequently asked questions and forms are available at the DMV website at www.nh.gov/dmv.

During the transition:

  • Town Municipal clerks will not be able to process the state portion f vehicle registrations from Friday, October 6, through Tuesday, October 10.
  • Online services, including Online Drivers License Renewal and Online Ticke Pay, will not be available from Wednesday, October 4, through Wednesday, October 11.
  • Ticket pay by phone will not be available on Monday, October 9, and Tuesday, October 10. To pay a ticket by phone on another day during normal business hours, please call 1-800-272-0036.

Farmers Market

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